Roadside Pavement Landscaping

Roadside Pavement Landscaping

Waterwise plants are essential when it comes to roadside pavement landscaping. You will require the hardiest, most drought tolerant, water-wise resilient plants that can stand the test of time.

Clearly roadside pavement landscaping installation will entail alot of planning with regards to how exposed the area is to harsh sunlight, how often it will receive water, whether it is on a slope, whether there is a need for a pedestrian pathway etc.

Water-wise Drought Tolerant Plants are key to success!

We have a long list of plants that would be suitable for the average roadside pavement landscaping requirements. And, at the top of the list would clearly be the most water-wise drought tolerant plants that can withstand the harsh Gauteng / highveld climate. All environmental factors must be taken into consideration before commencing a landscaping project on the side of the road.

We have over 150 varieties of succulents available for this kind of landscaping installation. And, many other water-wise plants that can go nicely with succulents to make a unique drought tolerant yet colourful and contrasting garden installation to suit all tastes and requirements.

3D Garden Design to help you decide!

We’ll be happy to do a 3D garden design to show you what your roadside pavement garden will look like once we’ve done the landscape installation!

So, if you’re in need of the most hardcore water-wise drought tolerant garden design for your roadside pavement landscaping job. Look no further. We’ll be happy to assist with your personalized 3D garden design and subsequent landscape installation!

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