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Online Landscaping Quote

Online Garden Landscape Installation Quotation… give it a try!
Feel free to use our simple online landscaping quote / garden installation estimator below, it is obviously not accurate for complicated landscaping, but will give you a good idea of what to expect to pay for simple garden planting / landscape installations.

This is applicable for filling garden beds with landscaping plants / waterwise plants from our own waterwise plant nursery. We use a general price based on an average of 2.5L and 5L plants from our waterwise plant nursery (Labyrinth Nursery), but other extras such as roll-on lawn, trees, bigger shrubs, exotics, annual seedlings etc. will have to be quoted separately.

Although, you will be able to get a price indication from our online garden shop ( – Online Garden Centre) for any other items such as these.

Online Landscaping Quote
Planting Area X Labour etc X Plants /m2
Online estimator based on area size and plants per square metre — 12 plants /m2 is a fully grown garden, where plant beds look full — 8 plants /m2 is a standard amount with some room for growth — 4 plants /m2 is applicable if you have existing plants that we can use.
Planting Area in Square Metres (m2)
Plants per m2 ( 8 /m2 is standard )
Labour Costs(R)
Tax (15%)
Formal Quotation / Meeting Request