Living Walls / Vertical Gardens

Living Walls / Vertical Gardens

We just love doing interesting jobs such as living walls / vertical gardens / vertical greenscaping / vertical landscapes up the sides of buildings or as internal living walls.

Whether made from recycled wooden pallets or wall mounted pots that fit into each other (and are bracketed to the wall.) Or, even our assorted water-wise plant trays bracketed to specially made wooden tray holders. We are willing to think outside the box to come up with the perfect living wall / vertical garden strategy that will suit your garden ideas and landscaping budget!

Living Walls for city apartments or corporate sky-rises!

We can create living walls or rooftop gardens / landscape installations in mid-city apartment blocks. Or, living walls in corporate buildings in Sandton or Jo’burg City. Or, any other possible way that we can bring plantscaping / greenery to the sides or tops of buildings!

We will come out and meet with you on site to measure up and get a grasp of what kind of living wall / vertical garden you are looking for. We will provide a landscaping quotation fit for your living wall requirements. Alternatively, if you know exactly what kind of vertical landscape installation you want, and the exact dimensions of your required vertical garden, we’ll be happy to work out a quick quote for your landscaping job!

Water-wise Living Walls the only way to go!

Normally water-wise drought tolerant plants are a must for living walls / vertical gardens. Especially if they are outside living walls, or vertical gardens on the side of tall buildings. Or even if the landscaping requirement is for a rooftop patio garden or on a flat rooftop landscape. Water-wise is the only way to go for a sustainable future!

And, although it’s probably not common practice, if a 3D landscape design is a must to help you decide on your preferred living wall / vertical garden planting arrangements, we’ll be happy to provide it FREE-OF-CHARGE once you have accepted the landscaping quotation.