3D Garden Landscape Design

3D Garden Landscape Design


At Love Landscapes we can help you conceptualize your garden before we even step foot on your property. Before we begin with landscape installation we are happy to supply a 3D garden landscape design layout. This 3D garden design will show plant combinations / colour combinations / hard landscaping features like retaining walls, gabion features etc. and give the exact dimensions to help you see how your garden will turn out.

We use the 3D design program called SketchUp to help us achieve exact dimensions and plant sizes. This will give you a true perspective of what your garden design layout will actually look like in reality. We can even make an animated walk-through if required. But, please note, although we will design your 3D garden / landscape design FREE-OF-CHARGE, there might be additional costs if you want a 3D walk-through of your 3D design.

The 3D landscape design is really useful if you need help convincing your spouse or company partners or body corporates or committees etc. to show what the plant combinations will look like and colour schemes etc.

The other option, which some clients prefer, is for us to just do an organic layout with the actual plants on the day (or two) before planting. This entails just laying out the plants in their planting bags on top of the soil in a contrasting design. The benefit of doing it this way, besides the flowing nature of it, is that you (the client) can re-arrange as you feel before we actually plant the plants!

We are flexible, and our main objective is to make sure that you are 100% happy with your garden layout before we actually commence with garden installation!

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