Love Landscapes – Garden Installers

We offer gardening services, which comprises of a garden clean-up with some new plants being planted to fill the gaps. Please note, this is not maintenance, it is landscape clean-up!

Landscape installation is a new install onto an empty space or newly built home. This entails conditioning of the soil, planting of new plants & trees, and any hard landscaping that is required.

One of the services that we offer is a virtual 3D garden design, which is done in SketchUp. This includes plant combinations of waterwise plants / indigenous trees for your landscape.

Waterwise plants like succulents / vetplante are essential ingredients for long lasting roadside / pavement garden designs! We specialize in waterwise landscape installations around Gauteng!

This kind of hard landscaping feature can be used for retaining walls, seating areas or even boundary walls. Made with mesh and filled with dump rock for a unique looking garden landscape feature!

Vertical gardens / living walls / rooftop landscapes have become a trendy feature for inner city greenscaping projects. We offer a unique Living Wall / Roof experience using waterwise succulents!

Plantscaping or greenscaping is applicable to trade shows / exhibitions / conferences / weddings where greenery is required. Plant displays are temporary and are removed after a few days!

Gardening is often aligned with spirituality, and it is becoming more and more popular to include spiritual gardens / landscapes such as Meditation Gardens / Quiet Seating Areas in garden design layouts!

Gallery of various landscaping projects around Gauteng!