Welcome to Love Landscapes!

Love Landscapes is based in North Riding AH, Johannesburg Northern Suburbs, Gauteng!

Specialising in water-wise / succulent garden design and landscape / garden installation in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas!

3D Garden Design to help you decide!

We offer a FREE 3D Garden Design (if required) to help you decide on your ideal garden layout, subject to the approval of your landscaping quote.
We use the latest in 3D landscape design software called SketchUp, and can even do a 3D garden walk-through (which may incur additional costs depending on the size of the landscaping job.)

Plantscaping Exhibition Stands & Living Walls

Besides garden installation we also setup amazing plant displays / plantscaping for exhibitions, living walls for conferences, vertical gardens for events, greenscaping for company functions, wedding decor or wherever the need arises!

Roadside Pavement Landscaping

Water-wise roadside pavement garden installation, where drought tolerant hardy plants are the name of the game! We do landscape installations that will stand the test of time! It’s the plants we use in our garden installations that set us apart from the rest, they are built for Africa and will be around for many years to come!

Landscape Installations using plants from our nursery!

We use water-wise drought tolerant plants from our specialist succulent nursery in North Riding AH called Labyrinth Nursery, where we also have some examples of the different kinds of landscape installations that we love!

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Landscape Installation

Landscape Installation

We specialize in water-wise garden landscape installation for mainly areas in the Johannesburg northern suburbs like Sandton, Bryanston, Sandhurst, Morningside, Rivonia, Woodmead, Sunninghill, Paulshof, Petervale, Illovo, Melrose. And, areas in Pretoria like Centurion, Lynnwood, Waterkloof, Irene and more. In fact, we will be happy to do landscape installations throughout Gauteng and even in other areas in South Africa if the budget allows.

Plantscaping Exhibition Stands

We are moving more into plantscaping exhibition stands / conference centre plant displays / corporate building greenscaping / living walls / vertical gardens in and around Sandton, Jo’burg City and Pretoria CBD.

Water-wise Landscape Installation

Our main focus has always been planting water-wise / indigenous / succulent gardens. Right from 3D garden design / landscaping / plantscaping design to garden landscape installation of hard and soft landscaping features.

But, in the past year or so, we have decided to focus more on plant displays at shows / conferences / exhibitions / branding events. Living walls / vertical gardens have also captured our attention, and are always fun when it comes to the actual landscape installation up the sides and on the tops of buildings.
We can facilitate any softscaping or hardscaping requirements that your heart could possibly desire, so feel free to put us to the test!

Drought tolerant plants from our own Succulent Nursery!

We supply most of the required garden landscaping plants / exhibition show rental plants from our own nursery (Labyrinth Nursery) in North Riding AH, JHB, Gauteng. This helps us to offer competitive landscaping rates, and our creativity is boundless when it comes to plant combintations / arrangements using our own water-wise plants!

We specialize in water-wise plants and succulents at our nursery (near Northgate shopping centre.) These drought tolerant plants are perfect for roadside pavement landscaping and small garden landscaping, as they’re slow growing plants, so easy to maintain! They’re long lasting. They’re drought tolerant. And, because most succulent plants change colour throughout the year, garden designs using these plants always look amazing!

Landscape Installation for residential gardens

Residential garden landscape installation requirements are quite different to corporate / business landscapes, or large scale landscaping, because plant combinations and variety of plants becomes alot more critical when on a smaller scale to be appealing to a residential home owner.

In most cases clients want a full 3D garden design to help them decide.
And, we are quite detailed when it comes to layout of the garden and the actual landscape installation. Another key factor is the soil structure!
Succulents require well-draining soil, so getting the structure of the soil to have the right balance of clay / loam / sand is critical to making sure the landscape installation is a long lasting one!

Water-wise Landscape Installations
– the only way to go for a sustainable future!

We are intent on sharing our knowledge of water-wise drought tolerant plants with everyone we can! It surely is time for the whole of Southern Africa to adopt water-wise plants / succulents / vetplante as their primarly plant-type of choice in residential gardens / corporate landscapes in the future!

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3D Garden Landscape Design

3D Garden Landscape Design


At Love Landscapes we can help you conceptualize your garden before we even step foot on your property. Before we begin with landscape installation we are happy to supply a 3D garden landscape design layout. This 3D garden design will show plant combinations / colour combinations / hard landscaping features like retaining walls, gabion features etc. and give the exact dimensions to help you see how your garden will turn out.

We use the 3D design program called SketchUp to help us achieve exact dimensions and plant sizes. This will give you a true perspective of what your garden design layout will actually look like in reality. We can even make an animated walk-through if required. But, please note, although we will design your 3D garden / landscape design FREE-OF-CHARGE, there might be additional costs if you want a 3D walk-through of your 3D design.

The 3D landscape design is really useful if you need help convincing your spouse or company partners or body corporates or committees etc. to show what the plant combinations will look like and colour schemes etc.

The other option, which some clients prefer, is for us to just do an organic layout with the actual plants on the day (or two) before planting. This entails just laying out the plants in their planting bags on top of the soil in a contrasting design. The benefit of doing it this way, besides the flowing nature of it, is that you (the client) can re-arrange as you feel before we actually plant the plants!

We are flexible, and our main objective is to make sure that you are 100% happy with your garden layout before we actually commence with garden installation!

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Gabion Wall / Seating

Features like Retaining gabion Wall & gabion Seating Area


A very clever new-age landscaping idea in the Gauteng area, which is quite simple and cost-effective in terms of hard-landscaping, is the Gabion wall or seating area!

This comprises of a metal frame, filled with your preferred colour of dump-rock, and if the budget allows, covered with a composite decking option of your choice… or sometimes we leave the top open and have some water-wise plants popping out!

Gabion benches, gabion braai-areas, gabion retaining walls or whatever gabion feature you want in your garden, we’ll figure it out and be transparent about cost implications so that you can make the right choice at the right price!

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Living Walls / Vertical Gardens

Living Walls / Vertical Gardens

We just love doing interesting jobs such as living walls / vertical gardens / vertical greenscaping / vertical landscapes up the sides of buildings or as internal living walls.

Whether made from recycled wooden pallets or wall mounted pots that fit into each other (and are bracketed to the wall.) Or, even our assorted water-wise plant trays bracketed to specially made wooden tray holders. We are willing to think outside the box to come up with the perfect living wall / vertical garden strategy that will suit your garden ideas and landscaping budget!

Living Walls for city apartments or corporate sky-rises!

We can create living walls or rooftop gardens / landscape installations in mid-city apartment blocks. Or, living walls in corporate buildings in Sandton or Jo’burg City. Or, any other possible way that we can bring plantscaping / greenery to the sides or tops of buildings!

We will come out and meet with you on site to measure up and get a grasp of what kind of living wall / vertical garden you are looking for. We will provide a landscaping quotation fit for your living wall requirements. Alternatively, if you know exactly what kind of vertical landscape installation you want, and the exact dimensions of your required vertical garden, we’ll be happy to work out a quick quote for your landscaping job!

Water-wise Living Walls the only way to go!

Normally water-wise drought tolerant plants are a must for living walls / vertical gardens. Especially if they are outside living walls, or vertical gardens on the side of tall buildings. Or even if the landscaping requirement is for a rooftop patio garden or on a flat rooftop landscape. Water-wise is the only way to go for a sustainable future!

And, although it’s probably not common practice, if a 3D landscape design is a must to help you decide on your preferred living wall / vertical garden planting arrangements, we’ll be happy to provide it FREE-OF-CHARGE once you have accepted the landscaping quotation.